Buy a wedding dress at retail at a wholesale price!

Dear brides, Jaklin offers wedding dresses from our collections at wholesale prices.
We understand that the choice of a wedding dress is a very important moment, and the thrill with which the bride walks through the salons, looking for “her own” among a large number of dresses. The whirlwind of pre-wedding chores, unfortunately, can ruin all the pleasure of choice, and incredible fatigue becomes the most tangible feeling.
But we will be happy to help, giving you the opportunity to choose while sitting at home, in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee, browsing our catalogs.
Such an assortment and choice of styles cannot be afforded by more than one salon. With all this, we offer a very profitable purchase of a wedding dress at a wholesale price, since you buy directly from the manufacturer and the order will be sent within 20 working days after payment. We are sure you will figure out where to spend the considerable amount saved.
Many are afraid to make such purchases on the Internet, asking themselves questions: what if they cheat? and if the photo does not match or the size does not fit?
Decency in calculations and fulfillment of the agreed terms are a priority for us, since we are focused on long-term work. We did not appear yesterday, and we value our reputation, for example, our domain was registered back in 2005, which you can easily check.
But we assure you, when ordering products from us, all these fears are groundless, and we will try to dispel your doubts:

All products are the same as in the photo as we do not use other people's advertising materials. The difference can be small only in the elements of the product's decoration, since lace, appliques, brooches may no longer be imported by suppliers. In this case, we select the most suitable from what is available in the same price category.
The dress cannot but fit, since it is not offered to you from a warehouse or salon, we work exclusively on order and using the size table - you indicate in what standard size and color it is sewn. Plus, almost all models have lacing at the back and additionally fit well to the figure. Even if you are not completely sure about the size, indicate your measurements in the comments during registration or check with us.
You do not have to wait for months as we try to provide always standard sewing time - 20 working days. If there are delays due to lack of materials, they are rare and make up a few days at most.
 And the last argument: at the moment we offer a wholesale price even at retail! The price is open next to each model. Buying a wedding dress from the manufacturer directly, you will save many times without exaggeration.
You can definitely buy wedding dresses of good quality and inexpensively with us and make your dream come true.
You will find the answers to most of the questions on our website in the "FAQ" section and also by asking us by mail, messengers or other convenient method of communication specified in our "Contacts"

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