Choosing a wedding dress

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From the choice of proposals of modern designers of wedding dresses, styles and compositions for a young girl, when choosing, her head can just go round, how to figure it out? What to look at first? Color, style, what length and silhouette to choose? We will help you sort out all this a little.

Of course, in recent years, brides have opted for a white dress most often. After all, white symbolizes purity, innocence. In any case, no matter what color the dress is chosen, it must be borne in mind that it should be combined with the groom's outfit, the color of the suit or shirt. You have to look together as one. An element such as a bridal bouquet should also overlap with a boutonniere on a jacket or tie.

It is necessary, when choosing a wedding dress, take into account the time of year when the ceremony will take place. If it is already cool - think about a bolero or a wedding coat

The first task that needs to be solved is to determine the style of your future outfit. Browse through our catalogs of wedding dresses that are presented on the site and we are sure you will find a suitable model for yourself. After you decide and choose exactly "your" dresses, you need to decide on the size. This will help the information on the page "How to determine the size of the wedding dress". Remember that it is necessary to place an order in advance, 2-4 months in advance, as take into account the time of its production and delivery. It is best if the dress is already in your home ready and you can calmly plunge into the rest of the wedding chores.

Before choosing, it will also not be superfluous to walk around the salons in your city, try on several options if in doubt. Sellers will often praise or pay attention to advertised bridal brands that spend fabulous advertising budgets and put high incomes for themselves and their employees in the price of a dress that ultimately isn't worth the money. But at your wedding, everyone will look not at the brand of the dress manufacturer, there will be no inscription, but at how you look in it, and the overpayment will be very significant. Many salons also sin by presenting well-tailored wedding dresses, including those of our own production, for expensive global brands, at times overstating the price.

But do not refuse to try on the models and styles offered by the sellers, perhaps this will help you decide on the choice on the site. It will not even be superfluous to heed some advice. In any case, the decision is only for you. If there is no ban on photography in the salon, you can even take a picture in dresses so that when you go home it will be possible to look at yourself and evaluate it from the outside. After weighing everything, in a calm, homely atmosphere, form and send us an order. :-) Happy choice.

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