Buying a wedding dress online. Answers to frequently asked questions.

1. What are the prices listed on the website?
Retail, wholesale prices from 2 dresses.
2. What's the minimum order?
There is no minimum order for wedding dresses, you can order 1 dress.
The minimum order for children's dresses is 3 pieces, possibly of different models and sizes.
Veils can be ordered to the ordered dress or separately from 10 pcs.
3.How to place an order?
a) After registering on the website by adding the order to the basket and specifying all the necessary data.
b) By sending the order to the e-mail indicated in the "Contacts" section, indicating in the letter the model number, the required size, color and your contact information.
c) By any convenient communication channels indicated on our website in the "Contacts" section.
4.How to pay?
Ukraine: Through the basket and placing an order by card or directly to our bank account in PrivatBank in UAH. The rate is calculated from the rate of selling dollars in PrivatBank on the day of payment.
We offer two payment options:
1.You pay 50% of the total amount. After the order is ready, it is sent by cash on delivery and upon receipt you pay the remaining 50%, the services of the transport company for delivery and return of the second part of the payment to us.
2.You pay 100%. Once ready, the order will be sent to you using the previously selected method. Upon receipt, you pay only for the delivery itself, without paying for the return of the second half to us, which significantly reduces the cost of the transport company services.
Payment details are announced after agreement and clarification of all the nuances.
To other countries: After placing an order, our manager will contact you within 24 hours to clarify a convenient method of payment and delivery.
5.How long will it take to sew an order?
We try to ensure always standard production terms - 20 working days, regardless of the number of ordered models. If there are delays, they are very rare and last several days.
(Only business days are counted, excluding weekends and religious holidays)
6.How is delivery, price, terms?
Ukraine - by transport companies Novaya Pochta, Autolux, etc. The delivery time is 1-3 days, the cost of delivery according to the tariffs of the selected transport company is paid by the customer upon receipt.
Other countries: EMC, Ukravia by mail or negotiated individually. The cost is calculated after receiving the order according to the rates of the delivery company and depends on the weight.
7. What are the guarantees that I will receive the order at all?
Decency in calculations and fulfillment of the agreed terms are a priority for us, since we are focused on long-term work. We did not appear yesterday, for example, our domain was registered back in 2005, which you can easily check.
If you are in Ukraine - 50% of the amount can be paid by cash on delivery already upon receipt of the order.
For partners from other countries, at the request of the customer, a contract is signed, customs clearance is officially carried out, and a commercial invoice is provided.

8.Can I get a discount?
There are no additional discounts, as the prices are calculated optimally. We do not overstate them in order to make discounts later like others. If you further reduce the price, you will have to save on something, the quantity of materials or their quality. Our catalogs contain models of several price categories.
9. Will the item match the photo?
All products correspond to those in the photo, since we do not use other people's advertising materials. The difference can only be in the elements of the decoration of the product, since lace, appliques, brooches may no longer be imported by suppliers. In this case, we select the most suitable from what is available in the same price category.
10.What if the size doesn't fit?
The dress cannot but fit, since it is not offered to you from a warehouse or salon, we work exclusively on order and using the size table - you indicate in what standard size and color it is sewn. Plus, almost all models have lacing at the back and additionally fit well to the figure. Even if you are not completely sure about the size, indicate your measurements in the comments during registration or check with us.
11. Is it possible to make changes to the dress?
Minimal changes are possible: remove the train, sleeves, change the color of the belt, remove the lace.
12.Can I sew a dress according to the photo I provided?
13.Can I come, try on and choose?
We are not a salon, and most often there are no ready-made dresses, since they are made for each customer separately after payment and are sent immediately.
14.Do you sew custom made dresses?
The prices on the website are for standard sizes. We can make a dress in large size or according to your measurements for an additional fee.
15. Do you have gloves, jewelry?
No, all offered products are presented on the site.

If you have not found the answer to your question, please ask us any convenient method of communication specified in our "Contacts"

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