How to determine the size of your wedding dress

Size table.

 In order to correctly take measurements for a wedding dress, you need to take a new measuring tape and ask for help from the outside, since it is difficult to cope with this the most.
There will be 4 main measurements:

 1. Bust:

We measure from the back, arms are lowered, the tape runs along the most prominent areas of the chest and shoulder blades. The belt is not too loose or too tight.

 2. Waist circumference:

We measure at its narrowest point. The ribbon runs along the back, along the side along the narrowest part of the figure and joins in the front. We hold with thumb and forefinger which is under the tape.

 3. Hips:

The tape runs through the most prominent points of the thighs and buttocks and connects in front.

 4. Product length:

We measure from the armpit along the "side seam" to the floor. You will definitely be in shoes with a heel height corresponding to the one that will be at the celebration. If the selected wedding dress with a fluffy skirt and rings will be used, add 5 cm to the resulting value.

When choosing a wedding dress with sleeves, remove additionally:

Sleeve length: Bend your arm slightly at the elbow. From the junction point of the arm and shoulder, measure the distance to the wrist line.

Wrist circumference: Measure around the narrowest part of the hand - the wrist.

Shoulder circumference: Measure the circumference of the widest part of the arm in the bicep area.
If you doubt the correctness of the measured values, any atelier in your city can easily help with measurements.

Children's dress size chart.

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